Unless of course it pertains to the kids. Although I know what I did broke his heart into pieces and although I know that what I did to our marriage caused the divorce, I know I can make him happy again. I am not sure how to handle our situation and not push him away. I am beside myself.

And very much heartbroken. No contact at this point would probably be appropriate for some time at least to let both parties clear their head. If you want to reach out to him down the road, avoid begging him to take you back, ease into things and show him with your actions the changes you've made and give him a reason to want the relationship back.

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My ex broke up with me a week and half ago. He has started dating some one else.

Give him some space for now, and focus on picking yourself up from the breakup, emotionally and mentally, especially with the pregnancy on the way. If you push too hard for him to come back right now, things may end up backfiring and he distances himself further away from you.

Hi I was in a long term relationship with my boyfriend and we have children together. I hated him and he knew it. I left him when he started seeking attention from other women. We were both in a bad way for a long time and I held on to so much resentment. We tried getting back together a few times but the resentment from the past caused fights and break ups. I left him over 3 year ago.

Over the past year he has been trying to win me back over but I kept pushing him away. Unfortunately he met someone new this past month and has started dating her. He told me he will always love me as the mother of his children but felt he needed to move on. He said this before he started dating this new woman but he had been chatting to her. Do I have any chance of getting back together with him? I did move on shortly after I broke up with him but it was a rebound and it hurt him a lot.

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If the relationship was meaningful enough, which based on what you said, seems to be the case, he might come to the same realization as you after some time and decide to want to try things again. Hi, my boyfriend and I broke up last for more than 2 months already.

We were in a 10yrs relationship. There were a lot of reasons for the breakup, he said we weren't growing in the relationship and that he couldn't see a future with me anymore. He also said that he wasn't happy with our relationship anymore.


Here’s What You Need To Realize If Your Ex Moved On Quickly

I begged and tried to contact him during the first few months to get back to be and give our relationship another try but he's still firm with his decision that what we have is over already. I traveled for 3 weeks last July to get my head off the breakup, before I left he was still affectionate and telling me that he still love and cares for me. He was even checking on me when i was traveling. But when I got home, I discovered that he's already dating this other girl.

We'd had a few fights about her before our breakup because they were calling each other at wee hours. This girl just broke up as well from her boyfriend a few weeks before dating my ex boyfriend. Now, my ex's sister told me that my ex already introduced this new girl to their family and the girl did the same to her family. My ex has gone cold and was telling everyone that he's happier now and that there's no chance in us getting back together anymore. Is there really no chance here? I can't quite know if this new relationship is a rebound or serious.

I've cut contact with him for 3 weeks now. If he was together with you for 10 years, there's a good chance that the next relationship he jumps into would be a rebound. I would recommend spending this time to pick yourself up, and grow as well as a person in order to stand a better chance if you intend to win him back. Hi, my boyfriend broke up with me after a 5 years relationship.

Before the break up he was at the same time really passionate and caring, and other times very distant and angry. We lived together for 4 months. Than one day he said that he wasn't in love with me anymore, he cried a lot and I packed some of my stuff and went to my parents house for the weekend. After a few days he said that he wanted to break up. I moved back with my parents.

Is Your Ex In a Rebound Relationship? Find Out With These Telltale Signs

After 2 weeks we talked again. He was crying a lot, and said he was sorry for the way he treated me, but the day after he broke up with me he started to date a collegue and he said that he wanted to move to another country with her on january.

My Ex Is Dating Someone New!

I asked him why he wanted to move to another country since he never expressed the desire to do so, he replied that he wanted to run away from me and his family. He also said that he will forever feel guilty for the way he treated me. He looked very depressed, and I know from mutual friends that he started to drink a lot and stay out at night until morning. He also seems to be very serious with this girl, doing a lot of things he used to do with me.

Also at the end of the relationship he said that he lost attraction because we couldn't see eachother often due to different working hours. Do I have any chance at getting back together? Is it a rebound relationship or not? It may potentially be a rebound, especially since the expressed motive behind moving countries was to run away from you and his family. As for chances, there does still seem to be a chance to reconcile since his actions are directly related to you at the moment, and he is very affected by the breakup as well.

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My ex broke up with me one week and a half ago. He told me he still likes me and wanted to stay friends. It's just that he didn't see a future in it. He couldn't pinpoint what the problem is we had great sex and I'm always supportive of everything he does or wants to do. He assured me there wasn't someone else and also that I didn't have to worry about him dating anytime soon.

But after less than a week he's already going on dates!!!! I found this out yesterday after he reluctantly told me when I asked what his plans were for the evening since he kept refusing me.

Is Your Ex In a Rebound Relationship? Find Out With These Telltale Signs

I basically made all the deadly mistakes. A lot of crying and ugly sobbing and being needy He hasn't responded to any of my messages since yesterday evening when I went to his house, broken down. And when I went again this afternoon to suggest a walk he said "no, some other time. It was nice that you came to see me though". I now know after finding this site through Google that I need to start No Contact and realised that maybe our relationship partially didn't work because I lost my own identity.

I was his second girlfriend, his ex broke up with him because of his jealousy problems. He was never interested in actively going dating we started when I was in An open relationship, but even then he just didn't feel motivated to date girls I'm looking for support in all this.

Please let me know what you think of the situation and my chances. There's a chance that he got bored of the relationship over time and lost the spark, despite the positive aspects of it.